To wait for the opening of our exhibition « Mode & Femmes, 14-18 » (Bibliothèque Forney, 28 février – 17 juin 2017)

img_2156 -in exactly 2 months⌛️-, we will regularly publish here photo of documents that helped us to shape the exhibition contents, and which have not been selected at the end, either because they were too large for the intended space, or because they were too fragile to be exposed. The first one is a plate from the journal l’Illustration, 13/02/1915, showing how the war bursted in the couture industry. British soldiers -which were before the war professional buyers of the Seymour House (London)-, used their leave to attend the show of a French couturier in Paris. #history #exhibition #wwi #fashionhistory #fashion#worldwarone #couture #buyer #fashionshow #illustration #archives