Between Object and Idea: Re-thinking Fashion Spaces Wednesday 19th June 2013, 10.00-17.30

Between Object and Idea: Re-thinking Fashion Spaces Poster V6  Object & Idea

 Wednesday 19th June 2013, 10.00-17.30 

Venue: 2nd Floor Humanities Seminar Room, Stevens Building, Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2EU

 This one-day symposium explores the increasingly wide scope of spaces where fashion is practiced and studied. It brings together a cross-disciplinary cohort of fashion researchers to explore ideas relating to fashion spaces. As fashion research becomes bolder in its interactions with other disciplines including anthropology, psychology, social history, economics, cultural studies, gender studies, and philosophy, the spaces of fashioning, exhibiting and researching the dressed body increasingly come into question. Fashion researchers often find themselves investigating spaces as seemingly self-contained as the monographic archive, alongside what Marc Augé identifies as the open, infinite spaces of supermodernity, such as the cultural institution or transport terminal.


So, what is a fashion space? Why assign a physical dimension to fashion research? Is it possible to conceive of fashion at all outside a tangible space? How can exploring space shed light on represented, written, embodied and worn fashion?


With keynote talks by Dr. Agnès Rocamora (London College of Fashion) and Dr. Nicky Ryan (London College of Communication) this symposium investigates notions of the virtual and physical, real and imagined in both past and present fashion spaces. A panel discussion on how researchers might apply new insights into fashion space to their own work, with respondents Tag Gronberg and Azadeh Fatehrad, will enable contributors and delegates to interact and actively engage with the topic at hand.


This symposium is also the launch event for Fashion Research Network (FRN), a cross-institutional forum for PhD and early-career fashion researchers organised by PhD Candidates Nathaniel Dafydd Beard and Ellen Sampson (Royal College of Art) and Katerina Pantelides and Alexis Romano (Courtauld Institute of Art).



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