Call for proposals

To commemorate the centenary of the 1917 Russian revolution, the #SemMode is teaming up with Waleria Dorogova to organize, on the 22 December 2017, a special session on Fashion and the Russian Revolution. We’re looking for historians, researchers, students, and curators who who would be interested in presenting in Paris on the following topics:

– Russian émigrés who opened fashion houses in Paris after 1917, or who worked in the fashion industry (embroidery, tailoring, etc.)
– Russian émigrés who worked in the Parisian fashion press (engravers, illustrators, journalists, photographers, etc)
– The artistic and cultural influence of Russian émigrés on Parisian couture and vice-versa, including the contribution of émigrés to culture of fashion between 1917 and 1925

If you would like to present, or know someone who has worked on these topics, please send us an e-mail at Papers in French and English are accepted. We regret that we will not be able to fund travel or lodging costs.

(Photograph: Irina Yusupova (owner of Irfé couture), Edward Steichen, 1924, private collection)

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